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By | November 19, 2018

Good Day to all, All local small towns, cities, and large cities have Senior Citizen Community Centers that you can join and spend time with people of your own age enjoying different fun things to do or possibly go check some below.


Join the Senior Citizen Center

I am going to use my state of Pennsylvania in the United States as an example to write this article but please check your own local area around the world to see what is available.

There is no charge to attend the community center and the activities are funded through the Area Agency on Aging. There might be contributions requested for some activities.

Special classes held at centers may have a fee these are always announced ahead of time if you are interested in them.

Come whenever you want and participate because there are no minimum attendance required.

In addition to providing a nutritious meal, centers offer social activities, a range of informative programs, creative arts, exercise, volunteer opportunities, community services, and other special events which are unique to individual centers.

Joining a Senior Citizen Community Center not only provides you with many options of things to do but keeps you active and moving which is a wonderful health benefit.

Each Center operates under different hours some are only open certain days of the week this is dependent on the number of Senior Citizens in an area that attends and depend on the service provided by these centers.

Outings are planned in advance to take bus trips to places of interest museums or even shopping malls a distance from where you reside.

Here in Pennsylvania, we have outlets in a number of different locations which are much larger than traveling to a mall these types of trips are wonderful to take letting seniors spend a day shopping and having lunch out before heading back.

One of my favorite places to go is the Tanger Outlets and these I do believe are in a number of states so if you belong to a community center you may want to encourage them to put together a bus trip to visit the outlets.

Some of the community centers will offer a Bingo day for the seniors for a nickel a card and give prizes accordingly that have been donated from stores around the area. This is always a fun and exciting activity to join for the day.


Check Your Area

To find the local Senior Center for your area just search for the senior community center and they will usually be listed for the whole state most of these are run the Area on Aging which is a government agency finding them is easy.

I am sure most seniors think at the young age of 60 who needs a senior center but seriously you will find some very interesting things to do and people to connect with having a great day out.

Finding things to do once you retire is not always the easiest thing nor the most fun thing knowing you want to do things but no longer have the ambition, motivation, and sometimes not even the strength to do them.

Attending the center could give you ideas for where to find the people you can contact to help you with the larger chores that need to be done around your home and who you can get to do them at a reasonable price.

Shopping for help when you have reached 60 or older becomes harder and harder the older we get all the workers you contact think that you have money because you are now retired and for some of us this does not hold true.

Personnel at the center can help you local help you need to get repairs done around your home or maintenance by reputable people for a very reasonable price this is one of the advantages of belonging to the center I am most appreciative for.


In Closing

You know what I am 62 and can still do most things for and by myself one thing I cannot do any longer is keep my lawn cut the way I like it hiring a person to cut my lawn has been a nightmare the center helped me find a competent person that I can afford who does my lawn beautifully.

The activities they have are interesting and you can go and forget your cares for a day whenever you wish attendance is not a must it is voluntary so why not give yourself the option of having a day out — most provide a nice lunch as well 🙂

Community Centers can provide you with so much information that you probably do not know exists such as getting vouchers for free fresh produce these are great to use at the farm markets.

My suggestion to anyone 60 or older is find the Senior Citizen Community Center in your neighborhood and check them out you will be so glad you did.

Have any questions, suggestions, or comments please leave them in the space provided below.

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6 thoughts on “Senior Citizen Community Center

  1. Darren

    A senior citizens center is such a good thing for our senior citizens as it lets them socialise and also to get out and  about with people of their own age groups.

    All to often older people can become isolated and have nothing to look forward to which is so sad. Some maybe widowed and not have any friends or family nearby so a senior citizen center could be vital to their existence.

    1. Susan Marienfeld


      This is so true being a senior myself I try to go here to the local senior center at least once a month it is so enjoyable.  Getting out and meeting you neighbors for the day and having lunch together catching up on community events makes for a great time out.

      Thanks for visiting,


  2. Babsie Wagner

    As I near retirement and look around, I am amazed at all the opportunities that are available to the aging population.  As much as I don’t like to even think of myself as older, I am, and if there are benefits associated with it, so be it.  I take the discount where I can, whereas my best friend says she would rather die.  She actually had a panic attack because a girl in the drive-thru at McDonalds offered her a senior discount.  She was mortified.  I appreciate sites like yours that give us ideas and resources to help out.  Fixed incomes are no fun, let’s be real, and even those with a retirement savings needs to be careful, so you are doing a great service for a great many people.  Kudos.

    1. Susan Marienfeld


      You know none of us are getting any younger with that being said we always figure we have plenty of time before we get to retire.  But then one day you wake up and it is right around the corner or in my case already here.  Finding things to keep you busy and active that do not cost so much money is hard to do in our economy today. Your friend might be one of the lucky few who do not worry about receiving the senior discounts but I look at it this way I aged to earn it and that is why looking for the affordable means in retirement is always beneficial to all.



  3. Henry

    Hi Susan! Thank you very much for pointing out the Senior Citizen Community Center. Socializing with people of the same age, and engaging in artistic activities, going on trips or even to the mall are important for all seniors.

    And you have stated a very practical issue, concerning hiring somebody in the house. Yes, the Senior Citizen Community Center would be a great help. Thank you very much for this post.

    1. Susan Marienfeld


      I love our Senior Citizen Community Center in our community it provides many needed services for the seniors in my small town.  I do try to attend at least once a month to get out and meet my neighbors and get to know some of them.  You can never be to careful now days who can you trust that is why I look to them for recommendations for many things that I need help with today.

      Thanks for visiting and so glad I could be of help to you,



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