Retirement Fun Activities To Do

By | November 20, 2018

Good day to all, I wanted to find some retirement fun activities and things to do for seniors that are not going to take much energy but might find you more pleasant things to do rather than sit in front of the television for the day.

What to do Today

When I get up many days I have no plans so making myself find something to do is at times, not an easy task, turn on the television and next thing you know it is lunchtime.

Being as we worked hard all our lives this is very acceptable behavior for a retired person on some days of the week but every day I do not know about you but television really is not that interesting.

Well then I have worked on down-sizing and cleaning out the house getting rid of things I no longer want, need, or use and the daily cleaning is all caught up.

This saving grace here for me is I have started my own online business and helping you is one of the goals I have keeping seniors active and finding things for them to do.

Early I have given those who were able to put away a large investment amount for retirement things they would be able to afford to do in retirement and the funds they have put away will cover those retirement plans nicely.

But what about those of us that were not able to save for retirement because life got in the way? Finding things that seniors can do on a tight budget is seriously not an easy task.

Have you ever wondered about your family and where you came from? Consider doing a family tree with the relatives that you know and can remember build it out asking for help from siblings or any members of the family that are still here with us.

Consider writing your very own autobiography laugh if you will but think about everything that you have been through in your life – the first love – getting married – having children – it might surprise you what your autobiography turns out to be.

Write a book – many authors started later in life “Why?” Life experience gives you so much more to write about things you have seen and places you have been these books or novels can even be done online making it easy to keep writing.

Your Life Experienced

Think of how many things you have learned during your lifetime the skills and knowledge that you carry with you every day giving advice to those in need.

Why not write all of this down and share it with the world people are always looking for ways to solve problems and in many things be it life, skills to fix things, car repair, house repairs, etc.

YouTube is great for sharing videos of how to’s are you a great golfer and have some tips you would love to pass on? Have a friend film you and upload it with instructions people need this information search for it daily.

Ladies think about all the old family recipes that you have stashed away in that box or drawer sharing them with the world is something that you can turn into a cookbook or even make a YouTube video of how to make the dish.

As seniors, we have much to share and knowledge is the key to success for the younger generations to come if they learn just one small thing about how we failed then they possibly will not make that same mistake.

Wealth is Not Always Money

A man is rich when he has money this is a true statement, but a man is much richer when he has knowledge that knowledge will let him earn even more money when he has spent what he has earned or been given.

You can feed a hungry person and their belly will be full but if you teach them how to fish and hunt then they can provide food for themselves to never be hungry again.

Teach a person how to farm providing food for his family and others he will always be a rich man – without food people cannot survive – knowledge is needed for humans to survive!

Wars break out due to greed is my opinion a person either man or woman who wants more than they seriously need wants more they fight to get what others have –  taking is how they accomplish what they want.

That was a bit off topic but as seniors passing our knowledge to the younger generations keeping them from making mistakes or wanting things instead of working for them is what I am trying to point out.

In Closing

Instead of watching television today why not get out the computer or even a notebook and pen and write down some things that you can do to help people be it just people in your life that you know or everyone worldwide.

Share what you know so others can benefit and grow, learn and not error, live to be happy and prosper, and teach them what we as seniors already know.

Do you have things that you can share to help others?

What type of things fun things or helpful meaningful things?

Can you make a YouTube video and share it with the world teaching people new methods?



Would love to hear from you please leave answers, questions, comments, or suggestions in the space provided below.

Thank you for visiting bookmark the website still looking for more thing we as seniors can do in retirement,



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