Retired, Bored, and Broke

Hey, does this sound familiar to anyone out there? I am Retired, Bored, and Broke! Welcome to my world (which is the title of a very beautiful song) but this is where I have been for the past few years.

Bored and Broke

Not everyone thinks the same or lives the same lifestyle this is one of the reasons over half the working class people who decide to retire or some are even forced into retirement are not prepared for what happens afterward.

Life happens and when we get in our 50s some even in their 60s they realize they have not put anything back for their retirement and they are going to be living on a tight budget with Social Security the only means of income once retired.

Some people use their retirement funds that they managed to save and pay off all the debt they have upon retirement and have nothing left but their Social Security every month.

However, this has turned out here you now sit bored and broke with no money to enjoy retirement and do things you would seriously love to be doing right?

I was in the exact same position as you until a few months ago when I thought to myself you have always wanted to run an online business and tried all those scams that did not work why not see if there is something legit you can find.

Finding a Legit Progam

Searching many many platforms and programs online one day I found a website called Wealthy Affiliates it says FREE to join training provided – thinking to myself “sure right?”

Opening hundreds of these always led me to a video that when the guru gets done talking and hyping you up for half an hour or so then wants $47.00 to get the marvelous system that is going to earn you thousands daily right?

Sorry have been there done so many of those that I wasted money galore in the past when I actually could afford to do so and nothing I mean nothing ever worked.

But what the heck, click on the link the normal enter your email address screen comes up now this takes a couple of seconds to fill in and hit the get started now button right?


I am thinking ready for the video but no way a website comes up welcoming me to the Wealthy Affiliate platform with access to real training what? Is this real? Start clicking on the different icons to find out, sure enough, it is REAL!


This was so exciting I jumped into the Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC) training and started with Level 1 Getting Started, this contains 10 lessons broken down into headings that seriously teach you what to do and how to do it.  That above is my profile screen just for reference 🙂

Videos of each lesson show you exactly what to do with audio instruction making things so easy but here is the catch you do need some computer experience to perform these as easy as I did (I have worked on computers for 30 years with different browsers and platforms) no not programming or coding that is all handled by the WA support staff.

Simply things such as typing and not fast can be a one finger typist you are fine, knowing how to copy and paste, knowing how to download and upload files and images, and taking screenshots things of the manner.

How this Works

After joining the Wealthy Affiliate community (cannot call this a program or platform) you have seven days to decide if you want to go Premium or just stay a free member.

Staying a free member is all good you can build a website to completion learn exactly how the search engines work to find your website and get ranked for a position.

You never have to go Premium and can work on not one but two free websites that Wealthy Affiliates hosts on the internet for you for free – yes that is correct free!

A drawback here comes that you do not have access to the whole benefits package offered at Wealthy Affiliates and this will delay your progress to becoming successful online.

But you probably figured out that at some point you would need to spend money on joining this wonderful community am I correct?

Please do not be discouraged next let me explain how Premium Membership works for you.

Premium Membership

Remember you never have to become a Premium Member within this community you can remain a free member for as long as you want just stay active producing content to your website.

Premium Membership for the first month if you decide to join within the first seven days come with a nice discount of only $19.00 this includes everything they have to offer in the community.

After this then the monthly premium is $49.00 per month or if you want to save money you can get a yearly membership for the low price of $359.00.

Carson – Left Kyle- Right

Not only does this give you access to thousands of online successful business people but the owners of the community Kyle and Carson who have set this up in 2005 that is saying something to be in the business that long with the same name!

You will also be able to build 50 websites on the platform for free but 25 of these will be hosted under a subdomain known as the other 25 you can purchase your own domain name for this only runs at the most $15.99 for a year.

Selecting your own domain name and owning it means if you ever leave Wealthy Affiliates this is yours to keep the only thing is you will then have to find your own hosting, Site Speed, SSL certificate, and Site Protection because this is inclusive here.

You might be thinking I can go to a place like GoDaddy cheaper and build a website let me ask you to do your homework on this I have already done a comparison chart on another site and Wealthy Affiliates is a better deal in the long run.

In Closing

Not really sure how people are doing out there living on Social Security benefits only I know that I had to struggle until I found Wealthy Affiliates now things are looking up.

The best part is when I am able to start traveling my business goes with me anywhere in the world that I have an internet connection I am able to work. Do not feel like getting dressed today fine I can work in my pj’s.

This is one thing to look into if you are looking for an opportunity to make some nice money online and not go out pounding the pavement looking for a job where you are discriminated against because of your age.

Have any questions, comments, or suggestions please leave them in the space provided below I will get back to you within a 24-hour period.

Thanks for reading along today hope this will help someone,



12 thoughts on “Retired, Bored, and Broke”

  1. This sounds very familiar.  Not putting anything away and being hit with a pink slip close to the end of your career is no fun.  But it is reality, a reality that many have to deal with.  The article you present here certainly has a lot of promise.  If you’re offered free training, and a free trial period, how bad can it be?  At the very least, I think it’s worth a try.

    Thanks for the information.

    1. Susan Marienfeld


      It is so hard for seniors and others to find jobs today especially if you are not trained in a particular field.  I found Wealthy Affiliates just this year and I am so glad I did this is going to enable me freedom from worry eventually whether I am going to be able to eat or pay my bills.  I do not know how some others who are not quite as well off as I am can possible live on what they get on Social Security.  At least this might take some time to build but once you have a business running it is always repeatable.

      Thanks for visiting,


  2. Yes, as I was nearing retirement, I was starting to worry.  I haven’t saved anything, and I knew that Social Security was not going to pay me what I was making working full time.  So if I wanted to take that early retirement (I just can’t stand my job anymore), I was going to have to supplement my income.  A part-time job is something I can do, but working from home writing a blog and making money with affiliate marketing sounded much better.

    I love to write, I’ve been writing in a journal for many years, so why not write about something I love and get paid for doing it.  I found the Wealthy Affiliate platform, and I’ve never looked back.  It is a legitimate program that offers a world of support, tons of training on every aspect of the business, and a community of people who are doing the same thing.  I love it and I would recommend it to anyone retiring who wants to not be broke or bored.  It’s exciting, and yes, you can take the business with you wherever there is an internet connection!

    1. Susan Marienfeld


      You are so right there, I am so glad you support my assessment of Wealthy Affiliate anyone can do this the training gives you everything you need with no adding more costs at a later time.  That was what made me go with the paid membership once I saw what was offered in the free membership I knew that this was the real thing and that I could really build a profitable business in time.

      Thank you for letting people know how easy it really is and supporting me,


  3. Yes I agree totally. Wealthy Affiliate is definitely worth anyone’s time. I’ve been through the same experience you have looking for ways to start an online business and have been through so many offers and scams. I am lucky to have found WA and start my online education. I don’t treat this as a get rich quick kind of option but rather an investment educating myself to run my own online business. I love it. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    1. Susan Marienfeld


      When you think about going into business for yourself there is always some type of education needed most people look at those scam and guru programs out there and think that if they pay the money they can really only press a couple of buttons and make money (sorry do not mean to laugh) that is not the way any business is ever built.  I am so glad you found Wealthy Affiliate at least you are not wasting money on a scam you are investing in an education that will last you a lifetime and your own business that will provide you a lifetime of income.

      Thanks for visiting and please come back anytime,


  4. Wealth Affiliate is amazing. I used to call it a platform.  But I like the community term better.  The first free week is a great way to explore the platform.  The first free week was enough to convince me to go premium.  I have learned so much at WA.  The Online world is expanding at a great speed. Now is a very good time to get your foot in the door and learn how to make money online.  Wealthy Affiliate is the place to learn that.

    1. Susan Marienfeld

      I tried the rest until I landed on Wealthy Affiliate website I just got ripped off over and over again spending so much money on systems that did not work.  Finding Wealthy Affiliate I have managed to build my own online business and know that anytime I want I can build more to add to the income when I need or want to.  People should look at joining Wealthy Affiliate as an investment into an education because that is what it is no matter what you do online you need to build a website, purchase all the bells and whistles to keep it running and secure, and pay for hosting.  All of this is included at Wealthy Affiliate in one lump sum (only exception is your domain name).

      Thanks for visiting,


  5. Ali Batuhan Oguz

    I’m not retired. I’m a student. I joined this program with a friend’s suggestion and I am very satisfied. I’ve just started, but the information it teaches is worth the gold. It is possible to make money with this information, but I still recommend you to research before you start the system. Thank you for explaining the issue in a simple and understandable way. It’s been a good review.

    1. Susan Marienfeld


      Well thank you for visiting my website, Wealthy Affiliate, is not for just the young or old it is for anyone who wants to build a business online.  I started with Wealthy Affiliate to supplement my retirement income but that does not mean that as a student you would not want to have a way to supplement paying bills as well. This is great that you have found WA and are expanding your horizons.

      Thanks for visiting and come back anytime,


  6. Hi Susan

    I am so glad I landed on your site- I typed some words about retiring and being bored and came across your site

    Wealthy Affiliate seems the way to go and I am really quite excited about joining for free and taking a look around so thank you for sharing such an informative post

    1. Susan Marienfeld


      You are very welcome and please if you should have any questions do not hesitate to contact me I am always available to help anyone that is interested in joining me at Wealthy Affiliate.  The community is experienced and knowledgeable and willing to help all newcomers.

      Thank you for visiting and please come back anytime,


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