How to Spend Your Time in Retirement

By | March 3, 2019

Life after retirement can be fulfilling or frustrating; how to spend your time in retirement is of paramount importance to workers nearing retirement or already retired. Many people end up wasting the time they could have used after retirement to engage in something gainful to them and the society.

Some people after retirement choose to trade their time to things that will keep them active and save them from boredom, while others choose to remain inactive and rest until the end comes to them. Whichever way, it is important to reason out how to spend your time after retiring from the labor force.

It is of necessity to note that the way you spend your time in retirement as a worker requires effective planning; you do not wake up on your retirement day and start thinking of how to spend the rest of your life. That is not to say you cannot plan your life in retirement because some people prefer to take time off and cool their heads before thinking about the next line of action.

Without a doubt, there is a great joy to see someone finally retire after years of putting great effort towards service to the nation or private firm. Whether military, medical, law, or even academic professional, there is great fulfillment when you reach a day that marks the end. But the end opens a new chapter which signifies a new beginning. The last day on earth is the only true or real end; hence there is a need to utilize the time left.

The focal point of this write-up is to enlighten people especially workers who are already close to retirement and already-retired ones on how to spend their time in retirement. This work is for the individual willing to remain active after work and for the individual that chooses to remain inactive after work. Some of the ways to spend time in retirement are outlined and explained below:

  1. Getting another job
  2. Starting a business
  3. Vacationing
  4. Politics
  5. Freelancing
  6. Volunteering services
  7. Remaining jobless and relaxed
  8. Becoming a motivational speaker
  9. Becoming an expert analyst

Getting another Job

A retired government worker can choose to channel his or her expertise into the private sector in a bid to utilize the time left. Examples of these categories of workers include retired military men that might decide to start working for a private security firm. Medical practitioners are another great examples due to the practical nature of their jobs; they might start working for private hospitals when done with the government.

It is not out of place that most retired workers choose to spend their time working after retirement as they have made practicing their own profession part and parcel of their lives and habits. The best way for them to spend time after retirement is to engage in some work.

Some might argue that a retiree might choose to work in retirement as a result of poverty or lack of money; that is partly true. Some retirees choose to remain active because the only life they understand is professionalism. It’s not always about the money involved; sometimes, it is about the passion.

Getting another job is equally open to every retiree willing; it is not limited to any group or class. Provided you are in good shape and can withstand the stress involved, one of the best ways to spend time in retirement is getting another job to keep you busy if you cannot deal with boredom.

Starting a Business

Setting up a business venture is another major way to spend time in retirement. A retiree can decide to start up a business in a small scale just as retail trade with less gain or to keep himself busy and interacting with a lot of people in form of buyers to spend time.

A retiree can equally start up a business on a large scale to fulfill dreams with the little time left; it is better late than never and no dream is too big to achieve. An individual full of strength can equally venture into something big; that way, time is being spent in retirement.

There are lots of businesses that can be set up after retirement; they include agricultural ventures like farming, fish farming, and poultry business. Businesses like catering services, event management and planning help to generate income for the retiree.

Also, there are retirees that are quite industrious and have great entrepreneurial skills; it is advisable for them to start up a business and spend their time on it. A lot of people might neglect starting up a business in retirement but such ventures could end up being one’s greatest legacy. Instead of wasting great business skills, investing in retirement is the best.


A lot of people would love to travel the world but due to limited time from the kind of jobs they do, going on vacations might be pretty hard. Retirement presents an avenue for one to travel on vacations with free time to spend. With no query from any boss or employer, one is free to travel the spherical world without fear of loosing his or her job.

People that do a lot of vacationing after retirement are mostly athletes. This is because they have little space for holidaying and so, after retiring, they choose to live for fun because they make a lot of money while still active. Retired businessmen and other fields of life can decide to do vacationing after retirement provided their pockets can foot the bills.

It is needful to point out that a retiree could convert his or her love for vacationing into money by becoming a tour guide. That way, time is spent on what one loves doing and money is equally made. There is much satisfaction when money is made from someone’s hobby.

A point to note is that traveling the world grants exposure in form of meeting new faces and people that widen one’s scope. A retiree traveling the world gains from this and cannot refer to the time spent on vacationing as a wasted time because we live once and die once. It is great to make use of every time and opportunity available.


Venturing into politics is, without a doubt, another great way to spend time in retirement. People might want to influence governmental policies but their jobs might serve as hindering elements to that dream. Once they retire, they join politics in a bid to make great contribution to nation building.

Further, there are people with political dreams and since their age after retirement does not limit them, they decide to spend their time politicking other than doing nothing. They could even vie for presidency and win with a retired footballer turned a politician, George Weah who is now the Liberia’s president as a case study.


Individuals with great writing skills can spend their time in retirement writing a lot but a great advantage is that they can get paid through freelancing. It is impossible for anybody on earth to let go an opportunity of earning from what they love doing in free time.

Freelancing affords one the opportunity to work from home with their own schedule, this is a great platform for a retiree that is good at writing. Money is earned with no order or control from any boss and time spent is qualitative because of the earning involved; no doubt, freelancing is a great idea for a retiree.

Volunteering Services

After retirement, there are lots of volunteering platforms especially under the auspices of the United Nations for someone with keen interest on how human beings can live comfortably through free love, care and support to the less privileged.

Countries hit by natural disasters like earthquake or hurricane, and flood are left impoverished with a notable example as Haiti. A retiree with passion for volunteering services but who was hindered greatly due to work can decide to register and do voluntary work in foreign lands spending their time on helping people without getting paid for their services.

Without a doubt, the greatest service one can do on earth is service to humanity. A retiree instead of watching victims of war or natural disasters on television can decide to volunteer and travel to these countries with their lives at a great risk. For instance, during the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic in Africa, a lot of people, some retired, served as volunteers especially medical practitioners to countries affected.

Spending time on volunteering services leaves a great impact on the people assisted. If you ever get to sit or meet victims that were aided by volunteers, you hear the account of how these volunteers were their saviors in distress. Some people derive a great joy in helping others; retirement affords you the time and chance to do that limitlessly.

Remaining Jobless and Relaxed

There are retirees that choose to remain jobless and relaxed at home after retirement. They survive on their gratuity and monthly pensions from government. They sit at home, spend more time watching television and have all recent updates on the globe in their brains. They eat delicious meals and end the day without any set target except for the domestic chores they do in a bid to get their body not too relaxed.

However, some people remain jobless after retirement due to their health condition and their doctor’s advice to them to quit all forms of stress, whether physical, mental, or emotional. With this, they stay home all day, do little visiting to neighbours for interaction as the way to spend their time and kill boredom.

Others might decide to remain jobless after work in other to spend time with family and make up for all the disappointments during their active years in the labour force. For instance, a retired soldier that spent the entire duration of his time in military on peace-keeping missions abroad might decide to stay jobless after military service so he or she can focus on family and make up for the lost time.

Needless to note, a large percentage of retirees fall under this category. Most of them wants to be active but are hindered by lack of money to start a new trade or unwilling to serve under someone at retirement. Either way, life is a choice and we are free to make what we want of life without regrets.

Staying at home does not make a retiree lazy because the fact that you worked and attained retirement deserves plaudit. You are not wrong or dumb if you choose to spend your time relaxing your muscles after years of hard work in either the civil service or private enterprise.

Becoming a Motivational Speaker

Motivational speakers greatly inspire a lot of people to hit certain heights that seemed impossible from the start. A retired celebrity is best suited for this kind of time spending venture. For instance, young and upcoming footballers can look up to a retired footballer like Pele of Brazil with his motivational talks to inspire them.

Similarly, a retiree from other works of life other than the celebrity world can decide to become a motivational speaker to inspire youths especially the ones from less privileged backgrounds to make something great out of their lives.

Sharing experiences garnered in their active years in the labor force is a great tool for convincing people that they can go over the limit. Some retirees do motivational talks and get paid for it; others do it as a service to humanity and demand no pay for it. Time spent motivating people cannot be described as wasted; rather it can be described as great and invaluable investment without questioning.

Becoming an Expert Analyst

In a bid to get a niche in their field or profession after retirement, most retirees become expert analysts in their fields due to broad and wide knowledge gotten through years of practice. These retirees are called up on special issues to proffer solutions and put active individuals through the process and enlighten them equally.

For instance, a retired surgeon might be referred to on special issues or even expert media talks to educate the public. This way, they spend time doing a lot of analyses other than field works and the most interesting part is that they get paid.

Spending time in retirement as an expert analyst does not only keep the retiree busy, it widens the scope of knowledge. Learning never ends and doing that in retirement is very much fulfilling.


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