How to Earn Money in Retirement

By | March 1, 2019

It is, with no doubt, a great experience to earn money after retirement from something else other than the job one is used to or private-practicing away from an employer. After years of either serving in a country’s civil service or private firm, people are often perplexed on the next step to take so life does not get boring or uninteresting.

The sound of retirement to many workers brings chills down their spin especially for those without any retirement plan or savings. Seeing people living from hand to mouth after retirement is not a great sight to behold. Most of them end up depending on monthly pension for survival (That is for retired government workers).

Earning money after retirement does not only fatten one’s pocket but also prevents the outcome of living a sedentary life which is not ideal for one’s health and well-being. Working after retirement equally ensures that one remains independent financially rather than becoming dependent on others for a steady living.

Arguably, most people do not want to engage in any work after retirement. However, unexpected circumstances like a recession, poor investment, delay or no payment of pension could force an individual to venture into some trade after retirement. Workers with well laid out retirement plan earlier find life easier after retirement than individuals who are clueless on the way forward after a professional life. Hence, it is needful to plan ahead of time for retirement.

The major aim of this work is to educate people especially workers on the verge of retirement on how to earn money after retirement. As the popular clique says “Information is power,’’ a lot of workers suffer due to lack of knowledge on what next to do after retirement. Opportunities open to retirees are outlined in this write-up to aid clueless workers on how to live after retirement.

Training and Tutoring People

The fact that someone is retired does not imply that the individual has lost skills acquired while actively employed or lost knowledge of his/her expertise. In view of this, a retiree in a bid to earn after retirement can set up a training center to educate people, pass on invaluable knowledge to people as well as get paid in the process.

Training people does not only pay a retiree but it equally affords you the opportunity to do a self-evaluation of how good you were during your active years. Another major benefit of training people as a retiree is that it gives you the ability to explore new ideas on your chosen field. Thus, you are equally training yourself while training others.

Agricultural Venture

Embarking on an agricultural venture after retirement can serve to be a great source of income to retirees. Agricultural ventures like farming, poultry business, fish farming and host of other agricultural activities can boost the pocket of a retiree.

Farming is a lucrative venture for retirees; the individual is left with the choice to do subsistence or commercial farming. Mindless of the choice, food is brought to the table through it. Large-scale farming in a situation where the retiree has enough finances to employ farmers and supervise their activities due to free time is also advisable for earning after retirement.

Poultry farming business cannot be neglected in explaining the agricultural ventures a retiree can engage in after retirement. This business can be carried out on a small or large scale, but either way, it is a great source of income especially during festivities. It is advisable for a retiree to make adequate research on poultry farming before starting.

Egg production is a very lucrative area of poultry farming. It requires huge capital but the return is worth it. People consume eggs daily which makes it less difficult to get a ready market for selling these eggs. However, it might take little time to effectively have breakthroughs into the business but once the outcome becomes positive, there is no going back.

Fish farming, especially in form of setting up a fish pond, is another agricultural activity that can financially sustain a retiree. Fish farming requires expertise; so it is advisable for a retiree to get adequate training and do proper research on this before venturing into the trade. It is equally necessary to note that huge capital is required for fish farming; it is a great idea for someone nearing retirement to save for it ahead of time.


Becoming a teacher after retirement can be fulfilling and serve as a source of income. People that love to influence young people can become teachers after retirement. Through this, they can educate the upcoming generation, make positive impacts on them, and equally earn from teaching.

Teaching after retirement is an easy source of income especially to retirees that did not do professional work like practicing law or medicine. The fact that teaching on any subject requires research builds the knowledge of the retiree. Also, one of the best ways to learn is through teaching. Learning never ends. Knowledge gained as a retiree is not a waste as some would reason.


Retirees that are good with the pen can start writing in retirement with enough time and space for them without external distractions. People never stop reading and quality write-ups or books are usually in high demand and could go as far as giving a writer publishing deals and endorsements.

A celebrated retiree like politicians, footballers, movie stars, or even musicians can kick-start their writing career by doing a biography which will without any doubt sell greatly due to love from supporters and well-wishers. This way, money is earned and the retiree remains active.

The world today thrives on information; educating people through writing can generate huge money for a retiree. People will constantly demand your books when they gain a lot from reading it. A retiree can decide to write for academic institutions with the agreement reached on pay; money is made through this after retiring from work. Hence, it is needful not to abandon or waste the gift of writing especially after retirement; it could be the only source of money available.


Blogs are the latest and most trending source of information to people these days. Ease in accessing blog sites with smartphones has made blogging popular especially among youths worldwide. Starting a blog after retirement is not a bad idea especially owing to the fact that it is not expensive and requires more intellectual than physical stress.

Bloggers make a lot of money through providing information that people need, money is made through a wide variety of monetization options like a targeted advertisement and affiliate marketing. This is because the interesting nature of one’s blog ensures that people constantly visit the blog and, in the process, they see advertisements posted on the blog. It is a great marketing strategy and bloggers are paid hugely for it.

A retiree that wants to start blogging can decide to focus on his area of expertise and make his active workers his audience. For instance, a retired medical doctor or even a surgeon can decide to focus on doing health tips on his or her blog or giving professional tips to those medical practitioners that are still active. With this, the retiree has focused on a niche and could get lots of readers worldwide if information posted on the blog is vital, earning money and equally gaining recognition.

Restaurant Business

Opening a restaurant is another great avenue for retirees to earn money from in retirement. On a small scale, someone who is retired but can cook and have a passion for it can start a restaurant and earn money from it when people buy food and eat. If the individual is good in the kitchen, getting customers to patronize him is not a problem at all because people love food, especially delicious ones.

On a large scale, a retiree can employ people in his or her restaurant to cook and serve people under his supervision. A great advantage of starting a restaurant is visible in the fact that a retiree does not only earn from it but becomes an employer of labor whether the business is on a small or large scale.

Just as the shelter is one of the basic and most important needs of man, so is food. We cannot live without feeding which ensures a ready market for owners of the restaurant. Finding a great location for the business is not a bad idea, and extensive research on this type of business needs to be done by the retiree to avoid losses and make a maximum gain.

Private Practice

One can decide to work privately after retirement; this is notable from retired professionals like lawyers and medical practitioners. A retired doctor might decide to go private with his medical practice and set up his or her own hospital. Similarly, a retired lawyer might decide to set up his own law firm. All is geared towards ensuring that there is a steady source of income after retirement because connections have been built during active years and it cannot be wasted.

Further, people might decide to set up their personal businesses after retirement. For instance, someone that worked under the electrical section of a company during his active years can decide to set up an electric store after retirement. This is to keep him acquainted with the business and he equally makes huge money from it.

Starting Retail Trade

Establishing a retail store after retirement is a nice option to earn from. Retired workers that want to remain busy but with less laborious venture can open a retail store and sell on a small scale. There is steady interaction which makes life not boring for a retiree and ensures his pocket does not go dry and empty – a great platform for survival after years of working extensively.

The location of a retail shop within one’s neighborhood makes it easier for customers and the retiree to trust each other which is essential for business. A major advantage of starting a retail shop is its cheap nature. Retail trade is usually on a small scale which requires less capital; it is not a wrong choice for retirees especially the ones with little or no savings after retiring from the labor force.


For retirees that are good at writing and lazy about blogging, freelancing is the best avenue to earn money after retirement. There are websites looking for good writers that can create a lot of quality content to receive payments. Once you write on a particular niche and your work is confirmed excellent after thorough screening, you get paid. This can serve to be a steady source of income to a retiree.

Needless to say, a retiree can equally freelance and get paid by proofreading articles written by others before publishing on websites. Editing is another freelancing avenue for retirees with great knowledge of writing.

Catering Services

Food, as mentioned earlier, is a necessity for living which gives catering services a great boost. A retired person can do training on catering for a short while and venture into the business. It is a great source of revenue to people as events that require catering services never cease to occur. It could be a wedding reception, birthday party, or even an organizational party. There is a need for food which makes every event suiting to attend – a great platform for earning after retirement.

Catering has progressed to another level in this 21st century where one can just place an order online or via phone call and, in a few minutes, food is on his or her doorstep. A retiree that wants to start catering should do quality research on it before starting so he can make great pay from it.

Event Planning and Management

It has become a popular trend for people to use event planners for occasions especially weddings. The stress involved in this type of business is much; it is advisable for a retiree to do thorough self-evaluation before venturing into event planning and management. A retiree can employ people under his or her event and management company and supervise their activities, especially during outings.

The fact that social events never cease to happen is a huge plus for this business. A retiree capable of surmounting the stress can make great cash from it and equally live a bubbling life with a constant presence in occasions.

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