How to Save for Retirement in Your 40s

Without any doubt, it is a scary feeling for an individual in his or her 40s to still have no retirement savings plan. The sudden realization at 40 that saving for retirement could have started earlier is a fact many people find hard to deal with. As many will say, life comes with unexpected challenges… Read More »

Get Away – Purchase a Camp

Good day readers, how is everyone today? As we get older we want to get away from it all and find a place to relax and enjoy why not purchase a camp, now this could be one that is out-of-the-way for peace and quiet or maybe one in a campground where they have activities, a… Read More »

Retired, Bored, and Broke

Hey, does this sound familiar to anyone out there? I am Retired, Bored, and Broke! Welcome to my world (which is the title of a very beautiful song) but this is where I have been for the past few years. Bored and Broke Not everyone thinks the same or lives the same lifestyle this is… Read More »

Senior Citizen Community Center

Good Day to all, All local small towns, cities, and large cities have Senior Citizen Community Centers that you can join and spend time with people of your own age enjoying different fun things to do or possibly go check some below.   Join the Senior Citizen Center I am going to use my state… Read More »

Retirement Goals

Hello everyone, I am sure that everyone has thought about retirement goals at one point but doing something about them is the key to making sure you have enough to complete those goals when you do retire.   Investments for Retirement The sad thing today is most companies do not offer any type of pensions… Read More »

Retired What to do Now?

Congratulations you are not retired and have to decide what to do now for yourself with no more worries about getting up and rushing to work. Have you Considered Most people think about the day when they can finally retire and be free from working to enjoy life and some even plan out carefully for… Read More »

Money Metals Exchange Review

Good day everyone, Located another self-directed IRA company by the name of Money Metals thinking you might want to hear about what I have uncovered. Who is Money Metals Exchange Money Metals is rather new to the business compared to some other companies we have looked at so far and was founded in 2010 by… Read More »

Leer Capital Review

Good day, Leer Capital is another self-directed gold IRA investment firm I have located and would like to let you know what I was able to find out about them. About Leer Capital In checking information on Leer Capital just so everyone knows I am not showing any impartiality please do your own thorough research… Read More »