Nearing Retirement: Am I Ready?

You just celebrated your 50th birthday, Congratulations, but now that you are nearing retirement are you really prepared for it with enough in your 401K or Pension for when you retire?


At this age is when most of us start thinking about our retirement goals and if we have enough in them to live comfortably for the rest of our lives when we do take this big step.

We think what if something happens to us what about our spouse are they going to be able to survive on what I have been able to put aside?

What will happen if one of us should end up in a nursing home or need around the clock care will it drain everything we have leaving us homeless and poor?

These are normal thoughts for everyone from this age forward; so I have decided to pull together information on the Gold IRA Investment to help you with deciding what just might be best for you.



Now we have a better way to invest for retirement that you might just be interested in Regal IRA!


This is a company that is giving you a complete alternative to invest in both hard assets and digital assets. This is a new cutting-edge future driven investment opportunity that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

A Regal IRA™ can reduce the volatility of your overall retirement/investment portfolio while exposing you to digital currencies, a new and promising asset class that is still in its infancy stage, making this the best time to get in.

The following is a list of the current alternative assets available through Regal Assets for a Regal IRA:

Regal Assets is a Rollover/Transfer which can be used to either rollover your existing 401K, SEP, TSP, 403b, etc… or you can transfer from an existing IRA to Regal IRA. Meaning the check gets made out directly to the new custodian from the old IRA custodian and transfers can be made as often as you wish.

A rollover works a little differently; the check would get made out directly to you then within 60 days you must have it deposited in another IRA account. Should you fail to do this within the 60 days you are responsible for all the taxes and penalties associated with the money withdrawal. Rollovers can be done only once every 12 months; so if you roll over in let’s say January then you cannot do it again until the next January; this preserves the tax-deferment status of your retirement account.


Gold and other metals have moved toward the same direction as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and all other assets tied to the dollar. So if you keep a small percentage of your portfolio dedicated to these physical assets it can help to balance it and protect it when a recession hits. Look it works for billionaires, banks, and governments, so why not make it work for you? Below is pictured from the Regal IRA website the people who use this method in their portfolio’s:

With this illustration, you can see that these investors use a small percentage of their investment in their IRA for Gold which gives them the stability needed for a well-rounded retirement fund.

Gold can improve your investment portfolio by increasing performance without the increased risks and does not adversely affect returns.

Gold can be accumulated for a vast amount of reasons, including the volatile stock markets, offset fluctuating commodities prices, and protection from falling home prices.

Capitalizing on consistent growth Gold has always been the safest investment.


DIGITAL ASSETS (Cryptocurrencies)

The rise of digital currencies better known as Cryptocurrencies has been unlike anything else in history. Bitcoin and Ethereum have to lead the charge in the crypto space and these two digital currencies are now being used by consumers, businesses, and governments worldwide. These currencies are becoming more and more popular and their use more widely known.

With cryptos gaining a greater acceptance across the globe, the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum has the ability to grow rapidly. By adding cryptos in your IRA portfolio is one of the best ways to take part in this digital revolution while minimizing your risks involved by investing yourself.

Now you may ask what will happen as more investors and consumers fully embrace Bitcoin and Ethereum globally, the growing value in cryptos will NOT be compromised by an unstable stock market, falling oil prices, or the weakening dollar. With this comes the potential for growth and expansion in the value of your IRA account.

BULLION (Regal Assets)

Now you may be wondering in what type of precious metals Regal Assets deals so I have given you a short list below what all is available to you when you decide to go with a Regal IRA.

This is not a long list but I feel you are going to be impressed with the value here.

First – Gold Bullion – Up to 1kl. ( this is 264.172 gallons) Down to 5gm bars and do not forget the coins.

Second – Silver Bullion – Up to 100 oz Down to 10 oz bars and of course, the coins

Third – Platinum Bullion – Dealing in coins

Fourth – Palladium Bullion – Includes 10 oz and 1 oz bars and the Palladium Maple Leaf Coin

As stated not a long list but impressive but with a Regal IRA you have choices and the best choices; doing your homework on these always pays off.



When almost everyone is asked what is a crypto commodity they answer BITCON because of the advertising they get and what everyone has become familiar with.

But how many people do not know investments very well such as the common worker in the United States today? Or even yourself?

So I am here to let you in on some valuable information that crypto commodities exist and there are more than just BITCON out there. Investing in these at this early stage of the game can ensure your on the first floor of the growth potential and can increase your IRA portfolio very nicely.

Everyone who is unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies is going to be confused as to which one to invest in and this is normal for anything unknown. Why I felt that giving people the options here not that the list is inclusive, far from it, but these are the current crypto commodities that Regal IRA deals in.

Bitcon – Bitcon Cash – Ethereum – Ethereum Classic 

Litecoin – Monero – Ripple – Stellar (XLM) – Zcash

I can say with certainty that most people have not heard of all of these and figured it wise to include them all here for your convenience.



One of the features Regal IRA does have is the Historical Charts giving you real-time values of each of the precious metals over the course of time from 1 month to 1 year.

The date is kept current and the graph shows you the highest and the lowest price for the precious metal you have along with today’s current closing rate. A feature to any investor which is invaluable with the click of a mouse you can see the values in real time daily.



With Regal Assets you have options that are affordable and made to fit for anyone; so starting out is not going to seem like anyone is trying to force you into something you are not completely sure of.

(Packages for Protection and Security)

Merchant Package – This package can be liquidated quickly with an emergency when you need immediate access to equity.

Knighthood Package – Protection for a family of four lasting approximately three months in the event of an emergency.


(Investment and Retirement)

Legacy Portfolio – Introductory into precious metals and cryptos with the potential of immediate profits

Kingship Portfolio – A design to diversify your holdings into a percentage of metals and cryptos protecting you from inflation thus positioning you for shorter term gains this also adds stability and growth where others do not

Dynasty Portfolio – This portfolio is designed for support of an individual’s retirement; this is custom diversified into metals, cryptos, and with minimal risk on the desired timeline to access your funds.

Coronation Portfolio – For investors or high net worth individuals wanting advanced positions with metals and cryptos guaranteeing long-term wealth building, helping you to achieve your short-term and long-term financial goals.



With all the different ways of investing above to help secure your future along with making that nest egg you need to retire the listings above give you so many extraordinary options.

This type of IRA is not right for everyone understandably but with all that Regal Assets has to offer they are worth devoting some time into research and investigating if one of their packages or portfolios might be right for you.

But in my opinion, Regal Assets is well worth looking into for protection, security, and retirement options.

Thank you very much for visiting my website today, and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.